How to setup Automated Schedule Power BI Refresh in 5 Steps

Do you refresh your Power BI Dashboard manually?

Would you like to know better and fast way to refresh your dashboard and make it automated ?

Here is a 5 steps ways you can get your dashboard refresh automatically when there is new data in data-sets.

Step 1: Data-sets Setup

After Publishing Dashboard go to My Workspace –> Datasets –> Click on Schedule Refresh icon as shown in screenshot below.

As you can see the report has been automatically updated at
1/28/2019, 4:49:13 AM and next schedule refresh is at
1/29/2019, 4:45:00 AM .

Step 2: Setting up Gateway Connection

If you are setting up Schedule Refreshing for the first you will see Settings options like shown in figure below

Select Gateway Connection and Add new Gateway. Make sure Personal Gateway is install within the machine where your data is reside

Once your Gateway is install TURN ON “Use a data gateway” option.

After installing gateway don’t forget to setting up all Gateway & Server settings.

Once you installed Personal Gateway and all necessary data connection settings your Gateway connection will be like image below,

Make sure to turn ON “Use a gateway option”.

Step 3: Data Source Credentials

Refresh the page and you will see Data Source Credentials option and data source used like the image below,

If you don’t have access on required database and server you will get error message and you need to provide permission details.

Step 4: Parameters

If you are passing or using any parameters in your power BI report you will see list of parameters like the image below,

Step 5: Scheduled Refresh

Here you can set Refresh frequency, time zone, time and notifications based on your requirement like shown in figure below,

You will get email notification whether your data-sets has been refreshed with latest data or it gets failed in your email inbox.

That’s it. You are done with Schedule Refresh in Power BI.

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